03 Apr 2014
Window Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Window Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Professional Window Cleaning by Beyond Window Cleaning is servicing the entire Frisco, Texas area as well as surrounding cities.

Frisco Texas Window Cleaners

We offer the highest level of window cleaning services in Frisco, Texas as well as offer Gutter Cleaning and Light Repairs around the house.
Our prices are simple and always straight forward, $5.00 dollars each per outside window and inside and out is a little cheaper $7.00 dollars per window inside and out. However, it is not just window cleaning, we flush and clean your tracks, hand brush your screens and thoroughly wipe down their frame.

For more information on window cleaning give us a call at (855) 969-9274. Always happy to give free quotes over the phone and in person.

28 Jan 2014

Window Cleaning Neighbor SavingsBeyond Window Cleaning will always have a “Tell Your Neighbor” Discount! You can easily save 10% OFF your entire bill, by simply telling your neighbors or neighborhood that you are planning on getting your windows cleaned. If just one other person elects to get there windows done, then you both save 10% OFF the entire job. The only criteria is it needs to be on the same day. So when networking consider each job takes about an 1 and a half hours to do the outside and 2 and half hours to do both inside and out.  So if the morning is good for you, your neighbor may need to choose the afternoon spot.

If you are a super networker and bring in a lot of new customers, we can offer you and your neighborhood even more services at a discounted rate or even free depending on the situation.

Why do we elect to do this?

With the cost of gas, toll fees and even time management helps us run more efficient. By you simply sharing this on your social media both our company and you can save money.  For more questions head to our contact page here or simply give us a call (855) 969-9274

This discounted window cleaning service is for all of Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities. If you are outside of our 50 miles radius, please check with us first before making any announcements.


28 Jan 2014

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image19984596Beyond Window Cleaning only uses about 2 gallons of water to clean a typical 20 window home. What does this mean to the residents of Dallas and surrounding cities? It is simple, you the home owner will typically get out the water hose and spray down your windows. Yes, this can knock the dirt off, but no the window never really gets clean. That is a ton of water you are using in the process.

Some window cleaners use a water fed pole to clean homes with a salt water solution to attempt to cut down on water spots and streaks, but the window is still not truly clean. And once again that is a lot of water they are using and most cases it is your water. It all adds up to money spent and water wasted.

We use a simple cleaning solution and water to clean your windows, a recipe that we can share with you in person. A truly professionally cleaned window is water scraped, thoroughly washed and squeegeed dry. We remove all residue, dust, paint and even mortar from your window as well as clean the tracks on your home all with less than 2 gallons of water. Want to see us in action and see out your windows? Give us a call (855) 969-9274